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Dry Catfish 500g


Oven Dried and Spiced Catfish, well packaged without the use of preservatives.

It comes tasty and ready to eat.

Fresh Oyster Mushrooms (150g)


Fresh Oyster mushrooms. Properly Cleaned and hygienically packed.

Oyster mushrooms are highly nutritious, Lowers Cholesterol and blood sugar; good for hypertensive patients. It boosts the brain health and immune system.

Old Layers


Tasty, quality, Table-sized Old layer Chickens.

They are bred organically, hormone & pesticide-free.

They are dressed on request and always hygienically packed.

Oyster Mushroom Powder (75g)


Oyster Mushroom Powder has longer shelf life.

It can be sprinkled on any food to add taste and nutrition.

It can also be taken as a tea or added to your drinks or smoothie