Our ruminants are like our resident scavengers they consume most of our waste plant materials. But it is very challenging to find forage for them during dry seasons.

Our Ruminants (sheep and goat) are currently sharing space with the snails; we will like to build a dedicated modern pen for them with facilities that will ease feeding and waste management. We will limit our sheep to about 10 for demonstration purposes. However, we will like to significantly increase our goat production. In Nigeria, goat is used mainly for meat, with little or no interest in goat milk, yet goat milk is a safe and cheap source of milk and other dairy products. For this reason, we will like to invest more in the West African Dwarf (WAD) goat. We hope to educate women in the communities around us on the milk production capacity of these goats, teach them how to breed, milk and use the milk to improve family nutrition and economic opportunities. We hope to be able to supply them with good quality WAD goats to start their own goat breeding and milk production. We hope to increase our stock to about 100 goats.