Vegetables grown at SDFarms include Pumpkin (ugu), Waterleaf, Green (Amaranth), Kale, Okra, and Tomatoes. Our pumpkin covers over one plot of land and is companion cropped with waterleaf. Another predominant vegetable is amaranth (green) followed by kale, which though not a native vegetable is growing in popularity in view of their very high nutritional and culinary properties.

Pumpkin is one of most popular vegetables consumed in Nigeria. We cultivate pumpkin all year round on a 2000 square meter, but our productivity is stymied lack of appropriate irrigation system and limited water supply especially during the dry season. We plan to install better irrigation systems when our water situation improves. Our water situation will improve when we have better power supply. With a dehydrator, our ugu and other vegetables can be easily packaged for export.

Mushrooms are highly nutritious, with high level of protein that could easily substitute meat. It is an important delicacy in Nigeria. Most local families obtain their mushroom from the wild; however deforestation and other human activities have led to significant reduction in the quantity of mushrooms harvested from the wild. Many people are scared to eat wild mushrooms due to the risk of accidentally consuming poisonous mushrooms. The challenges associated with wild mushroom necessitate the production of mushroom in farms. It requires moderate resources to initiate and sustain. Mushroom production is one of the latest additions to SDFarms. At SDFarms, we produce oyster shell mushroom. We have 112 fruiting mushrooms and over 100 substrates at various stages of ramification. We sell our mushrooms fresh or dry.