Rabbits: Rabbits are prolific micro livestock that require little space and capital to initiate. Rabbits are reared as pets and as food. Children and adults who come to the farm enjoy the opportunity to touch, pet, chase and play with the rabbits. As food, rabbits are very delicious and low in cholesterol when compared to other ruminant meats. There is not yet a high demand for domesticated rabbits because people tend to prefer the wild variety from the bush, however, with increasing awareness about the risk for disease and extinction, people are slowing appreciating domesticated rabbits. With more community education, we hope to promote the breeding and consumption of rabbits. We have about 16 adult rabbits and 15 growers, 4 weaners, and 9kits. We sell the rabbits as pets, we also sell them life, dressed or marinated and grilled depending on customer preferences.

Grasscutters: Grasscutters, also known as cane rats are very prolific and highly sought after. They are very expensive because they are mainly in the wild, are nocturnal elusive and difficult to catch. Reduced habitat due to deforestation and excessive hunting pose an extinction risk to grasscutters; these, in addition to the threat of diseases like ebola transmitted by wild animal has increased the interest to domesticate these animals. There is a growing interest to learn how to breed grasscutters, but there are limited farms where people can learn how to breed grasscutter. At SDFarms we have capacity to house 24 grasscutters, but we have 13 at the moment. Although we are focused on breeding and growing our stock, we do sell to individuals in dressed or grilled depending on their preferences.

Snails: Snail farming also known as heliculture is among the easiest micro livestock to breed in limited space and with little capital. They are prolific, demand little care. They are very high in proteins and iron. We farm 2 species of the giant African snails Argentina Marginata and Agentina Agentina. Our snails are housed indoors in concrete cages. We have 8 cages with capacity to house 250 adult snails each. We currently have 500 snails in four cages. We sell our snails dressed or with the shell depending on customer preferences.