Fresh Fish: We produce clarias catfish. We have a hatchery, 2 concrete ponds, 1 tarpaulin pond, one Gee Pee tank and 2 earthen ponds. Each concrete pond can contain up to 2,000 table sized catfishes; the taupoline pond contains can house up to 1, 000 table sized fishes, the Geepee tank can take up 300 table sized fished but it used largely for sorting and quarantine. The first earthen pond houses about 200 brood stocks while the second earthen pond can hold up to 1000 table sized catfishes.

Dry Fish: We have a coal drying kiln that dries up to 300 fishes within a 48 hour period. We dry over a 1000 fishes each month. We degut and marinate our fishes with herbal spices before drying which increases the shelf life and adds taste and value to the fish.

Maggot Production: Maggots are lava stage of fly reproduction. We produce about 50kg of maggots each month from our chicken litters. Lab analysis revealed that our maggot contains 49% crude protein. The maggots are sometimes fed directly to the fishes but most times they are dried and added in our feed formulation for both fishes and poultry.