We are Highly Motivated!

SDFarms is a social enterprise of Centre for the Right to Health.

About SDFarms...

Organic integrated farm that includes poultry, snailery, grasscutter, rabbitery, fishery, goat, sheep, piggery, bee-keeping, mushroom, vegetables, herbs, fruits and other economic crops. We apply innovative sustainable production and consumption principles to promote health and well-being of man and his environment. We offer training, mentoring and consulting services to youths, women, retirees and others seeking to expand their economic opportunities.

Our Motivation

This came from our experience dealing with high rates of infant, child and maternal mortality that are attributed to malnutrition. Balanced diets are often too expensive for average families; yard spaces are used to grow fancy flowers and trees instead of food; many indigenous food trees and plants are going extinct due to deforestation, soil degradation, erosion and poor farm practices. Inappropriate of fertilizers, pesticides, herbicides and synthetic drugs has made farm produce harmful to health.

Our environment is littered with plastics and waste that could be profitably recycled. We have a teeming population of educated but unemployed young people whose capacity can be built to become formidable resources for sustainable food, economic and environmental security.

Our Vision

A Nigeria where communities sustainably produce their food and secure their personal, environmental, and financial health and wellbeing.

Our Mission

Our mission is to promote sustainable development, food security, health and economic well-being through innovative integrated farming, environmental protection, education and human capital development of various populations groups especially the most vulnerable.


Dr. Stella Iwuagwu

Executive Director
Nurse, Midwife, Public Health Specialist, Human Rights Defender, Social Entrepreneur, Oprah Winfrey Scholar, Executive
Director, Centre for the Right to Health